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Natural Light Executive Portraits | Washington, DC Portrait Photographer

My client's HQ is based out of London and wanted to get photographs of all of their employees across the world. Rather than hire a photographer and fly him/her around the world, they set out to get different photographers and ask them to take environmental photographs (take the photos in their office) using only natural light.  The executives were to be photographed in landscape mode and the employees would have a square format.  

My group was based out of Washington, DC and their were nine employees and one executive.  The challenge with this kind of shoot was that I wouldn't know what kind of natural light I would have to take "good" photographs and I didn't know what the environment I would have to use for my backgrounds.  I arrived about 45 minutes early to scout the area for the best light and locations.  I decided to use an office that had a couple of nice windows, a hallway that had good light at the one end, and lastly a conference room that also had some nice window light.  And one last thing, I had to photograph each person in 10 minutes or less.  

The clients were great and we go some great environmental portraits.  

washington dc executive photographer


washington dc photographer


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