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High Tech in the Midwest - Scholar Magazine Cover Story Photo Shoot

We traveled to Grand Rapids, MI to do the cover story / photo shoot for Strayer University's Winter 2014 edition of their Scholar Magazine.  We arrived the night before the shoot and to my surprise Grand Rapids was a very attractive city.  The cover story was about Keith Brophy, CEO of Ideomed, a mobile application development company that allows patients to input daily health data that is shared with a case manager to help better manage chronic health conditions.  

 Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

Keith's company is headquartered in a restored building that was built in 1904 by the Wolverine Brass Company.  The building provided a great backdrop for the photography.  We arrived at the building around 8:00AM to give ourselves a couple of hours to scout the building for the best settings for the photographs. All of the photographs required some level of artificial / strobe lighting.  We try to blend our lighting with the environment to make it look as natural as possible.  

To minimize the amount of time the executive has to spend with us, we get the lights ready and have the shot all framed out and tested.  My assistant stands in to make sure the lighting is just right.  My Nikon D4 is tethered wireless into an Apple Ipad that is used by the Strayer Managing Editor to review and approve the shot.  We then ask the executive, in this case it was Keith, to pop into position and we do about 10 minutes of shooting and the we send him back to his office to resume his day and then setup for the next shot.  We did a total of six different photographs / settings.  It took us about four hours from start to finish and Keith only had to spend about sixty minutes of his day for the entire shoot.

We were packed up and ready to go for a late lunch by 2:00PM.   We went to a very nice wine bar down the street to relax and celebrate with the client.  The wine was excellent and the hamburger was out of this world. Great way to end the day.  We flew back to Washington, DC that night. 

You can read the entire article by clicking here:  Scholar Magazine Winter 2014.

Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

  Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer


 Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer




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