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Senior Flower Power

Retired research horticulturist John Worthington spent two years creating his wood-and-mesh frame and blueberry patch, part of the community garden at Riderwood in Silver Spring. I had the pleasure of photographing him along with his neighbors Levern Allen and Judy Kneen. Read their story in The Washington Post article by Adrian Higgins by clicking on the title above.


NEA Greater Than One Campaign

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is getting ready for their Convention out in Chicago and they are in the process of rolling out a campaign called "Greater Than One." One of the elements of the campaign is a series of hand shots that will be made into 6 banners measuring 6 x 15 feet (vertical). The subject will be the hands of each of their constituency groups doing their jobs and interacting with others. We shot over 300 frames of hands in about 8 hours last week. Don't let the title fool you, AFT not only represents teachers, but also heath care workers, public employees, retirees, and paraprofessionals.


Home Made Home - Jeanne Drevas of Sperryville, VA

Jeanne Drevas of Sperryville, VA started building her home from scratch over 35 years ago. Knowing nothing about construction, she started in living in an old shack on 14 acres that she bought for next to nothing in 1972. Back then, Falls Church, VA was considered way out there, so land was cheep this far outside of DC. Over the years she added onto her home using wood from trees off her grounds and wood from an old garage that was being torn down. She now has a fairly large and comfortable home with running water and electricity. These photos were shot for an article in The Washngton Post Home Section. You can read the entire story by clicking on the title above.

Jeanne reminds me a lot of my one sister, who is about her age, and loves to live in country and off the land. Jeanne is a very successful artist with a very nice studio that she works out of on her grounds next to her home.


Spring Time in the Capitol City

I was doing a shoot for Fireman's Fund a few weeks ago near the Capitol. When I was done I was about to get into my car and go home, but then I looked around and noticed the beautiful spring flowers that were surrounding our nation's Capitol. I decided to take a few moments and smell the roses and just walk around and enjoy the sites. I, of course, had my camera with me, so I snapped a few photos. The challenge with the Capitol is that it has been photographed a million times, and how do you do something different.


TKF Peace Garden

For the last 18 months I have been taking pictures for a book that is going to be published by the TKF Foundation (TKFFDN.ORG). We shot the last few photos for the book at the Peace Garden at The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (Douglass Home) in Anacostia, Washington, DC. I'll let you know when the book finally gets published this fall.


Cheap Flowers

In keeping with the tough financial times, The Washington Post sent me out to see what people were doing on the home front to save a few pennies on their landscaping. I went out to Meadows Gardens in Falls Church at 8AM. I was thinking it would be pretty slow until about mid-morning ... boy, was I wrong. There were cars lined up to get in to take advantage of the early bird special .... 10% off everything until 11AM. I got a chance to meet some great people looking for colorful bargains. View the entire article by clicking on the title above.


BOY, Does He Love BREAD with Chef Mark Furstenberg

Paula Whyman's son, Eric Whyman, age 7, is elated when he comes home from school to see loaves of freshly baked bread. I had the opportunity to visit with her and her son as we shot another Chef on Call for The Washington Post food section with Chef Mark Furstenberg. See the article and the photo gallery by clicking on the title line.


DC Design House

A group of designers got together and gutted an old townhouse in Georgetown and remodeled every room in the home. Each designer took a room and designed it, even though there was over a dozen designers, they made sure their designs flowed from room to room ... it was truly spectacular. The Washington Post's Home Section reviewed the home (that I photographed) ... you can see the entire article by clicking on the title above. I believe it can be yours for only $4 million.


Pork, Pork, Pork with Chef Nathalie Dupree

I had the pleasure to spend the afternoon with Chef Nathalie Dupree. As reported in The Washington Post's Chef on Call article Chef Nathalie Dupree "has owned three restaurants, opened a cooking school and hosted three television shows, most notably "New Southern Cooking With Nathalie Dupree" on PBS; it debuted in 1985 and ran for 300 episodes. She has written 10 cookbooks and has another on the way, along with her memoirs."

She spent the afternoon helping Olga Berman get the most out of a piece of pork using whatever is in your kitchen. Nathalie, apparently, liked to have a good time in her younger days and had plenty of great stories that kept everyone in the kitchen in stitches. You can read the article by clicking on the title above.


Oh, What an Addition

The Ley Group, a Washington, DC company specializing in major residential remodeling, enlisted me to photograph a very unique home in Arlington, VA that they had remodeled. As you can see from the photographs, the deck was a real piece of art with its many curves and dramatic lighting. They really did a great job on what must have been a very challenging project.