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Robert Newlen ... Taming the Leopard

Robert Newlen bought a condo with a Leopard print rug. At first he told his Realtor that the rug had to go, but after explaining how expensive the rug was and that the previous owner just had it installed, he decided to give it a try. Well it has grown on him and he sort of likes it now. Robert is a Congressional Research Service librarian at the Library of Congress and lives in a beautiful two story condo in Arlington overlooking the Potomac River and National Airport.

Robert shared his leopard rug experience in The Washington Post's Feels Like Home article. See the article by clicking on the title above.


Danny and Valerie Coleman, An Irish Feels Like Home

I had the pleasure to meet Danny and Valerie Coleman at their beautiful home in McLean, VA. I was shooting a photo for The Washington Post Feels Like Home article. As you can tell by the name, Danny is very Irish. He has owned the Dubliner, an Irish Pub in Washington, DC, for over 33 years. With St. Patty's day just around the corner, they were expecting a large and lively crowd this weekend and through St. Patrick's day.

You can read his article by clicking on the title above.


Twins and Triplets

I thought it was difficult to take care of one two and a half year old child. But my wife and I have it easy compared to the two couples I photographed for The Washington Post Home section article on how to cope when mother nature provides you with double and triple the fun. The bottom line advice was to keep it simple and be very organized.

The two year old triplets were a bundle of energy, they never stopped. The six week old twins were picture perfect.

Read the entire article by clicking on the title above.



Chefs at Home - Chef Geoff Tracy - Barton Seaver - White House Executive Chef Chris Comerford

Do professional chefs actually cook at home? Well ... sometimes. The Washington Post Home section went out to three local chefs' homes to see what they like and don't like about their kitchens. We first went to Chef Geoff Tracy's home in NW DC. His home was recently renovated so he had, by far, the most input into his surroundings.

Barton Seaver bought a small townhouse in the DuPont Circle area of DC. His kitchen was very small, but efficient. White House Executive Chef Chris Comerford had a typical modern kitchen that came with her home that she and her husband purchased about five years ago in the Columbia, MD area.

What did I learn. They prefer gas ovens/stoves over electric in a big way. They like to have their working area clean and efficient. A kitchen that is too big is too hard to get around and wastes time. Get a couple of good knives ... that is all you really need. A good mixer/blender and well made pots and pans were also a must.

Check out the entire article in The Washington Post by clicking on the title above.


Becca Toser's Bat Mitzvah

I have known Becca since she was born. Her parents, Barry and Jody, have been my neighbors for 14 years. She has turned into such a beautiful young woman. It was a tremendous pleasure and honor to photograph her Bat Mitzvah. The ceremony and reception were held at the Tower Club in McLean, VA. They had a magician on hand during the cocktail hour and a DJ during the reception. The kids danced the afternoon away, while they had t-shirts painted for them and party pictures taken and printed.


Pho Bistro: Taste by the Bowlful

I photographed this restaurant in Centreville a couple of weeks ago. The food looked great and the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, it was snowing pretty hard that day and I had to leave before I got a chance to get a good taste of the food. Check out the review in the Post by clicking on the title above.


Andy Shallal Owner of Busboys and Poets, Washington

As part of The Washington Post's Feels Like Home article, I had the pleasure to meet Andy Shallal. Andy is originally from Iraq and still has family living in the country. It was interesting to get the perspective of the Iraq War from someone who has first hand knowledge of what it is like to live in Iraq under the current conditions.


Deep Creek Cabin Fever

Kelly and Rick Stieff took/bought a small log cabin in Ashburn, VA and had it dismantled and reassembled near Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County. They found 46 acres of rolling land near a stream and overlooking a state park that was 15 or 20 minutes from the lake as well as Wisp ski resort.

The Washington Post wanted to do an article on their experience and I was lucky enough to photograph their little bungalow, which Kelly, an interior designer, did a beautiful job of expanding and decorating. You can see the entire article by clicking on the title above.


Daphne Retter - Journalist, Washington

I had the pleasure of meeting Daphne at her home in Washington. I was photographing her for The Washington Post's Home section "Feels Like Home" article. She is normally a very decisive individual, but when it came to what color of paint for her bedroom, trial and error seemed like more fun. Read her story by clicking on the title above.


Chef Eric Ripert - Ho Ho Ho

I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Chef Eric Ripert at a shooting for The Washington Post's Food Section "Chef on Call" article. Even though very French, Eric was very down to earth. He told a great story about appearing on Bravo's "Top Chef" as Santa Claus and being unable to pronounce properly the "h" in "ho, ho, ho" despite coaching by the show's host. See the entire article by clicking on the title above.