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Magazine Cover Photo Shoot in Washington, DC

Scholar Magazine, Strayer's Alumni Magazine was doing a feature story on Kathryn Medina, she is the executive director of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in Washington, D.C..  I was asked to photograph her in and around her office in Washington, DC. 

First of all, Kathryn and her staff were a pleasure to work with.  We arrived around 10AM and her staff greeted us and showed us around the facility so that we could get a feel for some of the areas that we could use for backgrounds and settings.  We needed a cover shot as well as a number of shots that were going to be used inside the magazine.  It was a nice day, so my assistant and I walked around the Office of Personnel Management building in Washington, DC looking for some nice backdrops.  The cover shot you see below was our first choice. The building in the background had that "Washington Government" look to it with the concrete columns.  We picked a nice area across the street that was heavily shaded by trees that we thought would be the best place for Kathryn to stand to get the angle that we wanted.  

For the inside shots we wanted a photograph of her interacting with her staff, and one of her walking through the lobby.   They suggested what we do a photograph in one of their conference rooms.  Before seeing it I was thinking, oh no, a room with four blank walls, how exciting?  When we were shown the executive conference room, we were blown away.  The image from that room became one of my favorites.  

Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

Washington DC Magazine Cover Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER INFORMATION: Every image was shot with my Nikon D4.  I use the Nikon WT-5 Wireless Transmitter to transmit the images in real time to my Apple IPad that the Strayer Magazine Editor uses to review the photos while I am shooting.  This is a huge help to me because I get instant feedback from my client while I am shooting.  The cover photograph was shot with my Nikon 70-200MM F2.8 lens and she was lit with my Paul C. Buff Einstein strobes with a 64" PLM umbrella using the Vagabond Mini power supply.  The inside photographs were shot using my Nikon 24-70MM F2.8 and lit with my Nikon SB900 gelled to match the ambient light shot through an umbrella. 


Company Testimonial Brochure Photographs in 45 Minutes | Dulles, VA Photographer

I received a call from a client in Philadelphia, PA who needed a few photographs of their client for a marketing brochure they were developing. Their client's offices were in Dulles, VA.   They needed the photographs within 48 hours and the client only had about 45 minutes to give me to take the photographs.  Other than that it was easy.  So I showed up and scoped out the building to get some ideas, the client (four people) showed up on time at 9AM and we started.  We were done by 9:45AM and everyone was able to get back to work.

I sent the photos to my client later that afternoon.  They were VERY pleased.  It can be nerve racking walking into an unknown environment and having to come out with first class, professional photographs with little time, but I also find I thrive under those conditions and produce some of my best work. 

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer