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Company Testimonial Brochure Photographs in 45 Minutes | Dulles, VA Photographer

I received a call from a client in Philadelphia, PA who needed a few photographs of their client for a marketing brochure they were developing. Their client's offices were in Dulles, VA.   They needed the photographs within 48 hours and the client only had about 45 minutes to give me to take the photographs.  Other than that it was easy.  So I showed up and scoped out the building to get some ideas, the client (four people) showed up on time at 9AM and we started.  We were done by 9:45AM and everyone was able to get back to work.

I sent the photos to my client later that afternoon.  They were VERY pleased.  It can be nerve racking walking into an unknown environment and having to come out with first class, professional photographs with little time, but I also find I thrive under those conditions and produce some of my best work. 

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer


Executive Portrait / Headshot | Washington DC Photographer

I have a number of clients that are in need of a photographer to take a professional photograph of them for their business.  Most of them are looking for the conventional head and shoulders executive head-shot / portrait.  If they have a few extra minutes I like to take a variety of photographs of them to give them options for future use. 

Clients appreciate having a number of different photographs of themselves so they don't keep using the same photo for different occasions.  Frequently they are asked to provide photographs for speaking engagements, articles they may have written, etc. and it is nice to have some professionally taken photographs at their  disposal.

Last week I photographed an executive who needed just a single head-shot. We were having a good time we took about 15 minutes and we took a few more photographs that he can now use for future needs. 

Executive Portrait Head-shot Photographer Reston VA

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