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Environmental and Studio Portrait Sessions - VA Photographer

The environmental photo below was shot at a local office building in Reston, VA.  My client is starting a new law practice with a partner in Boston.  They wanted very similar environmental backgrounds, so we picked an office building in Reston, VA and did the photo shoot.  His partner in Boston is going to hire a photographer and use my client's photo as a model to do his environmental photograph in Boston.   

The other executive portrait was done at my studio.  A very sharp looking female executive portrait!

VA Environmental Portrait PhotographerVA Executive Portrait Photographer


Executive Portrait / Headshots | Northern VA Photographer

Clients are constantly looking for different and interesting Executive Portraits.  They want their images to stand out from the crowd and show their company's personality.  So more often than not I will go to a client's office and make use of their office space for backdrops for environmental executive portraits.  The fun is taking areas of an office space that look pretty plains to the naked eye, and turning them into a work of art by using light and shapes creativly.  

The following executive portraits were taken over the last month in a variety of office environments in Reston, VA, Herndon, VA, Tysons Corner, VA, and Leesburg, VA.  I even met an executive who was having a meeting at Lansdowne Resort and we walked around the hotel and took a few portraits of him before he headed into his 8AM meeting.


 Reston VA Executive Headshot Portrait Photographer 

Reston VA Executive Headshot Portrait Photographer


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