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Combining Studio and Environmental Executive Portrait Sessions

I recently photographed 37 executives at a Chantilly, VA technology firm.  They wanted both studio portraits and environmental portraits.   The studio portraits were to be shot on a white background so they could easily extract the executive from the photo and put them into marketing materials.  Many of the executives give presentations and speeches to various trade associations and customer forums and are asked to provide a photograph to go along with each persons bio.  So it is nice to have a large variety for everybody so that they don't keep using the same photograph over and over again.

We setup a studio in a conference room on the first floor and we shot the environmental portraits right outside the conference room.   We budgeted 15 minutes per person.  We photographed some with and without ties and with and without sport coats.  Depending on the nature of the use of the photograph the client can choose a more formal shot with suit and tie, or go for the photograph with a more casual look.  

The project was done over three days, two days one week and another day three weeks later to accommodate everyone's schedule. 


The studio photographs were done on my Nikon D4 with a Nikon 70-200MM F2.8 with Paul Buff Einstein strobes providing the light.  The environmental photographs were take with a Nikon D3S with a Nikon 105MM F2.8 lens.  I used the 26 inch Westcott Rapid Box Octa Kit with Beauty Dish Deflector Plate for my environmental lighting.  It was powered by my Nikon SB800 and controlled by my Nikon SB900 on my camera. I was in manual mode the entire time with both my camera and the SB800.  


Chantilly VA Executive Headshot Photographer



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Executive Portraits - On Location and in Studio | Washington DC Photographer

Professional, unique Executive Portraits / Head-shots can significantly raise the professionalism of a client's website.  Photographs of executives that look like they were taken photograph a point and shoot camera, or dated pictures that look like they were taken a decade ago, can reflect poorly on a company. 

Clients are looking for fresh and clean style, quite often in a location setting, to set themselves apart.  The following photographs were taken over the last month.  Some of the photos were taken outside the client's office building, in a "borrowed" law office, inside the client's office, and some in my studio. 

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

VA Executive Portrait Photographer

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