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Washington, DC Skyline Executive Portraits

I photographed an executive at one of the many associations that have headquarters in Washington, DC.  We were only a few blocks from the US Capitol building so we thought it would be nice to photograph the executive on the rooftop with the Capitol in the background.  One of the building managers let me on the roof to look around and while I was there I snapped a few photos of the Capitol.  While I was doing this we got notice that building management did not want us doing the shoot from the rooftop.  

The executive had a balcony off of his office that overlooked a side street.  We set up there and did the shoot and then afterwards I combined one of the balcony images with the image that I took of the US Capitol  from the rooftop.  One  thing I always learned, if you have a camera in hand and you have an opportunity to take a photograph .... take it.  You never know if/when that opportunity will come again.



Washington DC US Capitol Photographer

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