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Seeing Washington, DC for the First Time with a Washington, DC Photographer

I received an email from a member of the US Army who was visiting Washington, DC for the first time.  He was a photography buff and wanted someone to photograph him as he/we walked around the National Mall.  We started out at the White House and then walked around to the Washington Monument, The US Capitol, and then by the Tidal Basin where we could see the Jefferson Memorial.  Then we crossed over to the WW II Memorial, and walked down alongside the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial, and lastly over to the Vietnam Memorial. 

It took about two hours, and I gave him my best shot also being a tour guide in addition to being a photographer. He was a pleasure to spend the morning with, and I was honored to be able to spend a few hours with him on his first visit to our nation's Capitol.


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The White House | Washington, DC Photographer

I was walking back to the Metro after a shoot in Washington, DC and I decided to grab a cup of coffee and sit down in Lafayette Park and just watch people as they came by the White House.  Sometimes you need to take a moment and, as they say, smell the flowers.  

A photograph of The White House in Washington, DC